Right now, California will pay for the killing of unborn children throughout all nine months of pregnancy, with no medical justification necessary.
If the child is born alive,
the abortionist decides what to do with her!

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The real choices available for all young mothers have been dismissed and hidden in the zeal to equate abortion with “choice.” The UNBORN SANCTUARY resolution affirms life and a preference, as a city, to protect the unborn child.

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Background Story

I’m Chris Walker. My wife and I have resolved to stand for Life, and to do so wisely. In 2019 the State of New York stunned the world, voting to legalize abortion throughout all nine months without the need of any medically-indicated reason. Further if the child were born alive it could be left to die via intentional medical abandonment. There need not be anything ‘wrong’ with the child. The Governor of Virginia echoed support in setting a child aside after birth, until ‘a decision is made.’ Several pro-abortion state legislatures followed suit, introducing identical language. When the legislature of the State of New Mexico made such a proposal the City of Roswell would have none of it, and thankfully they are not alone. That city passed a resolution affirming Life and a preference, as a city, to protect the unborn child. The Unborn Sanctuary movement was born.
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