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Why A Resolution?

The Unborn Sanctuary Resolution is a proclamation of opinion. There is no legal impediment anywhere in CA law against introducing or passing a resolution, and resolutions by any deliberative body are constitutional because they are free public expressions protected by the 1st Amendment.

As this is not a 'law' per se, it cannot be struck by any court, given the fact it merely represents the observations and opinions of those listed in support.

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The Resolution

WHEREAS, the State of California, through Medi-Cal ( pays to kill a human child at any stage of gestation and without requiring any medically-indicated reasonsuch as disability of the child or health of the mother; California is paying to kill healthy children in healthy mothers, without accountability.

WHEREAS, CA Health and Safety Code Sec. 123435 states that a child born alive in the act of abortion must receive the same medical care and support as any other child born spontaneously. However, the current administration of the State exercises no meaningful oversight or enforcement of this life-affirming law, the law is toothless;

WHEREAS, the State of California under CA Health and Safety Code § 18944.18.(b) repealed regulations on California abortion clinics, greatly reducing accountability, cleanliness standards, emergency and safety regulations;

WHEREAS, as outlined in the MediCal provider manual cited above, the state of California funds and promotes unlimited abortion as a matter of ideological preference;

WHEREAS, every city in CA is nevertheless standing in direct opposition to this ideology of human disposal, and is already using its civic power to affirm a preference for human life by offering - in answer to the many "trash-can babies" that had been discarded at birth - an open-armed safe place at every fire station where a young mother can leave the newborn without any legal or personal risk;

WHEREAS, polls indicate even those in California who consider themselves pro-choice do not necessarily support the killing of these older children and the government funding of such killing, especially when there is no medically indicated reason. Marist, Gallup, LA Times).

THEREFORE, We the City/County of                 do hereby affirm our preference for the acceptance and protection of vulnerable human lives, particularly of vulnerable viable children about to be thrown out.

  • We repudiate the euphemistic use of the term "choice" to cover up what is in fact the killing and dismembering of a child in the womb, i.e. human abortion.
  • We assert and affirm the actual life-embracing "choice"-- letting the child live.
  • We affirm the many other options - "Choices" - that are widely available to women experiencing unwanted pregnancies and we uphold that these are in preference to killing the child. 
  • Keeping the child;
  • raising the child with the comfort and support and assistance of others;
  •  involvement of grandparents, church, care homes, and other non-profit support teams; and adoption are all options that have existed and should continue to be asserted as preferable and elemental acts of human kindness. There are an estimated 2 million couples currently waiting to adopt in the United States. Every child killed in an abortion or thrown away in an abortion is indeed wanted, and will gladly be cared for right now, by loving, adoptive parents, if only given the chance.
  • We affirm that Life is the best choice available and the only one that preserves the integrity of human life, the protection of which is the foundation of a civil society, and the principal purpose of this City Council's existence.


We do hereby proclaim that our community is a Sanctuary for the Unborn Child, and should his or her life be sought by means of abortion or any other destructive act, we pledge to protect her if born alive. As we have already demonstrated through our police and fire station safe place commitments, We commit ourselves to his and her protection as a matter of civic responsibility. We strongly affirm and proclaim the many voluntary citizen resources that are available in our community to aid both mother and child.

We also therefore appeal to Governor Gavin Newsom to immediately use his executive authority to cease the State government's financing of the killing of healthy late-term infants in the wombs of healthy young mothers. (Medi-Cal's current policy of funding abortion throughout all of pregnancy and without any medically indicated reason).

We further ask Governor Newsom to exercise his executive office and give meaningful and tangible enforcement to the California Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, which acknowledges that these late-tem abortions of healthy children can and do result in the inadvertent birth of the child. Currently his state government simply ignores these children's lives, and allows them to be thrown in the trash, despite the fact that childless couples stand ready to adopt these very children.

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