A letter from Chris Walker

I’m Chris Walker. My wife and I have resolved to stand for Life, and to do so wisely. In 2019 the State of New York stunned the world, voting to legalize abortion throughout all nine months without the need of any medically-indicated reason. Further if the child were born alive it could be left to die via intentional medical abandonment. There need not be anything ‘wrong’ with the child. The Governor of Virginia echoed support in setting a child aside after birth, until ‘a decision is made.’ Several pro-abortion state legislatures followed suit, introducing identical language. When the legislature of the State of New Mexico made such a proposal the City of Roswell would have none of it, and thankfully they are not alone. That city passed a resolution affirming Life and a preference, as a city, to protect the unborn child. The Unborn Sanctuary movement was born.

Many cities have followed suit. These resolutions are perfectly legal and cannot be ethically opposed, though they are often politically groused about by those who support abortion, or the status quo ignoring the terrible act of human abortion. See the story about the City Council of Riverton, Utah. It is inspiring.

In my city and every town, village and county in the western U.S., jurisdictions are already making the commitment to prefer Life over the death and intentional dismissal of the youngest member of society. Fire-stations are publicly declared life-affirming “safe places’ where a new born child will not be thrown in the trash can, but instead cared for and nurtured into a loving situation. There is no repercussions or recriminations for the surrendering mother… only love and support.

I am attaching language for the life-affirming, UNBORN SANCTUARY Resolution, suitable for any jurisdiction (town, city, County). It has been vetted by legal counsel, and does not ban or prohibit anything. Instead it is a statement of resolve and loving care. It, like the fire station’s commitment, is legal and appropriate and a necessary part of every decent society. Choice should NOT mean killing and dismembering a child. True choice emphasizes and encourages letting the child live and the many, many ways he or she can be cared for in this world. Keeping and loving; raising by family or grandparents; non-profit care homes, adoption (2 million adoptive couples are anxiously awaiting that child… and even if there is a disability present, many couple would love to care for her.) Life is truly worth the effort.

I am working with many life-affirming organizations, including: Right to Life of Utah; 40 Days for Life; California ProLife Council and Right to Life Federation, Students for Life, and many other life-affirming organizations large and small. Principally I am working with individuals in their communities to equip them to advance the Culture of Life in a real, civic and legal manner. Others are helping me, and I would be glad to help you! The real choices available for all young mothers have been dismissed and hidden in the zeal to equate abortion with “choice.” This must end. And in your town it’s easy to do. Please let us know by filling out the form below. We can answer any questions you might have.

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