Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Because the State California is allowing and paying for unlimited abortion even until birth, (please read the Resolution) and is even letting abortionists walk away after abandoning a child born alive, The City Council of Mission Viejo is disassociating itself from this wanton destruction of children, and callous view of human life. They will be considering the Resolution in the very near future. They need to know if citizens in our town will stand with them.  Please let others know right now!

When you sign up, we will send you more information about the pending vote.

Please read the resolution and let others know about the fact that finally elected representatives will not be silent!  In other states these resolutions have had a powerful impact!

YES, I want Mission Viejo to be a Sanctuary for the Unborn!

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City Organizer: Cynthia Cantrelle

Mission Viejo Supporters

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